Ignite 100% Money Back + $1k Guarantee Terms

I know that starvation dieting and calorie-counting programs have failed you in the past. You deserve better…and I’m committed to eliminating any worry or fear you may be feeling by trying yet again by personally taking all the risk (and then some) for you…because…honestly…there is no risk for either of us when you go SANE.

What I mean is that over 1,300 studies and 100,000 people have PROVEN that if you follow the SANE Plan as prescribed, you too will reach your weight loss goals. I am so sure that if you stick to the program daily for six months and do not reach your weight-loss goal, I will give you a 100% refund AND I will mail you a personal check for $1,000 to apologize for letting you down.

Now you may be wondering why I’d do this.

Simply put, I’ve never had to write a $1,000 check…the program works…bottom line…it’s just science and common sense. Lights won’t turn on if you don’t flip the switch, and your metabolism won’t turn on if you don’t flip the SANE switch. IT WILL WORK…IT WILL.

Here’s what “doing the SANE Plan” consists of:

  1. Like any eating or exercise program, get written consent from your doctor.
  2. Use the SANE Results Planner as directed to set your weight-loss goal.
  3. Post your weight-loss goal from the SANE Results Planner into your Journal within the SANE Support Group. This marks the start of your six-month SANE journey.
  4. Using your SANE Premium App, SANE printable food trackers, or your SANE Online Journal, log how many servings of each SANE food group you eat daily.
  5. Using your SANE printable trackers or your SANE Online Journal, log your weekly Eccentric and Smarter Interval workouts and the amount of weight used.

If after six months of eating the serving of SANE foods specified in your SANE Results Planner daily, exercising weekly, and adding resistance at least every other workout, you do not achieve at least the weight loss specified at the 6 month mark in SANE Results Planner, all I ask is that you give us access to your eating logs, exercise logs, and initial written consent from your doctor (aka just show me that you did the plan), and if you did the plan, you’ll get a 100% refund, and I’ll mail you a personal check for $1,000.

If you do the plan, you will get the results you want. You will. If you don’t do the plan…or anything else for that matter…you won’t get the results you want. Common sense, right?

And like I said, if you do the plan and you are the first person ever not to get the results you shared in the SANE Support Group, you’ll get all your money back and a $1,000 apology from me 🙂

Can’t wait to see you on the inside,

Jonathan Bailor
SANE Founder & NYTimes Bestselling Author