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Calories Are Not All That Matter… Hormones Matter Too

  “The ‘classical theory’ that fat is deposited in the adipose tissue [body fat] only when given in excess of the caloric requirement is finally disproved.”– E. Wertheimer, in Physiological Reviews Calorie quality (SANEity) influences the hormones which control our set-point weight which controls the amount of fat we store. More simply, hormones play a […]

The Big Business of Bad Health and Failed Fat Loss

  “There is a lot of money being made…feeding both oversized stomachs and feeding those enterprises selling fixes for oversized stomachs…And both industries—those selling junk food and those selling fat cures—depend for their future on the prevalence of obesity.” – W. Weis, in the Academy of Health Care Management Journal We all know that Washington, […]

Top 3 Tips for a SANE Approach to Nutrition Labels

If you have ever looked at a nutrition label, you have seen these percentages: Many people give these percentages a quick glance and decide whether the food is nutritious or not. Double digit percentages equal “nutritious.” Single digits are not as impressive. Here are three quick questions that help with this evaluation: 1. How many […]

Eating More Does Not Cause Long-Term Fat Gain

  “[We found] highly significant inverse correlations between food energy intake and adiposity [body fat].” – H. Keen, King’s College London Eating more low-quality food causes us to gain body fat. But that does not mean eating more food produces the same result. Interestingly enough, eating more high-quality food has been clinically proven to cause […]