How To Use Your SANE Nutraceuticals

—STEP 1—

Schedule a Call with Your SANECertified Coach (scroll down to select a date)

Your SANECertified Coach is your champion, concierge, single point of contact, and super pal! This means you will never feel confused, overwhelmed, or wonder what to do next, because you will never be alone.

For example, need help? Click here to schedule a quick call with a SANECertified Coach to personalize your success plan so that you see results as quickly as possible.

—STEP 2—

Personalize Your Dosage

Be sure to work 1:1 — FREE OF CHARGE — with your SANECertified Coach to maximize your results based on your unique circumstances, and in the meantime:

  • Viscera-3: Take one capsule with breakfast, one with lunch, and one with dinner OR three capsules first thing in the morning. Try both and see which one works best for you.
  • Vitaae: Take 3 capsules once or twice a day with food.
  • Luminae: Take 1 capsule in the morning.
  • Aamia: Take 5 capsules per day with food.

—STEP 3—

See Your Starting Point by Taking the Diagnostic

After scheduling your call, take your Weight Loss Diagnostic by clicking the red button under the scheduling section below. This 3-minute assessment enables your personal SANE Success Specialist to best help you reach your long-term health and weight loss goals.

Get Started Simply By Scheduling Your Call Below and Then Scrolling Down to Take Your Diagnostic

After Scheduling Your Call, Click The Red Button Below To…

This will take about 3 minutes.